Auburn hires Li as new Extension weed scientist

2015_alflshow_19steveliSteve Li is the new extension weed science specialist and assistant professor in Department of Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences at Auburn University. His past research experiences included water management in double and intercropping system, bermudagrass control in St. Augustine and Zoysiagrass, problematic weed management in row crops, herbicide soil behavior, movement, persistence, carryover injury, and weed physiology. Li is specialized in soil herbicide weed control as affected by various environmental factors and soil types.

Li has extension responsibility of weed control in peanut, right of way, pasture, forage, forestry, and other non-crop areas. Meanwhile, he has to provide extension assistance in turf, weed ID, spray efficacy, herbicide drift control, off target movement and carry over injury. His research will be focused on resistant and problematic weed control in major row crops (peanut, cotton, corn, etc.) and non-crop areas. He will also conduct field, greenhouse and laboratory experiments to provide insights in drift management, herbicide persistence, degradation, and herbicide-crop-weed interactions as affected by complex environmental conditions. Li can be contacted at 334-844-3804 or via email at

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