Peanut referendum wins tremendous support from producers

npblogoIn an overwhelming show of confidence in the National Peanut Board, America’s peanut farmers voted in favor of continuing the Peanut Promotion, Research and Information Order, which authorizes the National Peanut Board.

In order for the continuance referendum to pass, a majority of eligible producers needed to vote in favor of continuing the Order. The referendum passed with a 92 percent approval rate. Voting in the referendum took place from April 7 through April 18. Growers who paid assessments on peanuts produced during the representative period from January 1 through December 31, 2013, and were current peanut producers were eligible to vote.

The Commodity Promotion, Research and Information Act of 1996 requires a referendum be conducted every five years by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

“It is gratifying to know the work of the National Peanut Board is recognized by the growers we serve as essential to their success and contributes to keeping peanuts as America’s most preferred nut,” says John Harrell, chairman of the National Peanut Board.

Harrell also said, “On behalf of the Board, we’re thrilled at this vote of confidence and we pledge to continue working hard for America’s peanut farmers.”

Since its inception in 2001, the National Peanut Board has been pivotal in maintaining receptive markets and increasing consumption of USA-grown peanuts. Some highlights include:

• Everyday frequency of consumption of peanuts has doubled since 2001 and everyday consumption of peanut butter increased 71 percent in the same time period; according to a consumer tracking study by The Bantam Group, 2012.

• NPB recently launched the brand platform, The Perfectly Powerful Peanut, the centerpiece of a new nationwide, multi-media advertising campaign and slogan, helping to unify messages across the entire peanut industry.

• NPB has invested more than $20 million in 900+ production research projects to help farmers increase yields while implementing the most sustainable agricultural practices.

• NPB has funded more than $10  million in food allergy research, education and outreach to help identify causes and seek treatments for food allergy sufferers.

• Peanut menu listings have more than doubled on American menus, increasing 122 percent from January to June 2007 to April-June, 2013, and continuing to outpace almonds; according to data from Technomic Menu Monitor, 2013.

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